• We have used your team for everything from simple business cards to high gloss, full color, and color bleed rack cards that we 'Had to Have' within 48 hours. Regardless of what we have been able to throw at you or the limited amount of lead time we give, your staff has taken it in stride and has provided us the creative and corporate collateral that reflects the professionalism that our clients expect.


  • Michael and his staff were so easy to work with, from the development of our questions and coaching us on content for our TV shows to making us feel right at home in front of the camera.


  • I am so glad I called and asked for your help. I look forward to working with you over the next year. Thank you again!


  • The professionalism of your staff, from the designers to the receptionist, is first rate and emphasizes the importance you place on customer service and satisfaction. Whether we are working with an existing design or need complete design and marketing support it has been very beneficial for Swan to have a one stop shop that we know can handle any job.

    Swan HR

  • Remember the Ice has been a client of Buzzbizz Creative since May of 2005. They have saved me time and energy while alleviating stress and allowing my company to Be Seen and Be Heard for a reasonable investment.


  • Thank you to everyone who worked on bringing our website up-to-date and making it even better! I look forward to working with your company on future marketing projects.


Instructional Videos

Instructional videos can be game changers for many companies. Whether you are a business trying to educate your demographic, hoping to make money through your instruction, or looking to better train your employees, Buzzbizz Creative has experience working with both private and government organizations. Many of our clients entrust us with very sensitive information, so you won’t see as many video examples below. But nevertheless, our methodology ensures you are a part of the process the entire way to get the most out of your next video production.

An effective instructional video should be clear and concise, while also remaining visually stimulating. Through a blend of attention grabbing videography, engaging interviews and concept focused motion graphics, Buzzbizz Creative can help meet your company’s unique needs. We have a fully loaded studio space, equipped with several professional lighting solutions and a large green screen wall for creating videos that get your message across. We can also come film on location, in your work environment, to help better visualize the message you are trying to make clear.

How do we begin? We start by first having you come into our office for a free consultation where we talk about your ideas, discuss your goals and set a timetable for your instructional business video. After our initial meeting, we get down to the nitty gritty details and explain what needs to happen to make your concept come to life. Once approved to start work, we will film, script and edit your instructional video and send it back to you for any revisions you might have. Once you are satisfied with the end result, we will deliver the video to you by any means you would like.

So what are you waiting on? Check out a few of our instructional videos below and see what Buzzbizz Creative can do for you!

Brands We’ve Worked With

Ready to bring your instruction to life?

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    Whether creating a concept from scratch or adapting your rough idea to a storyboard, Buzzbizz Creative can produce scripts for your production, resulting in targeted messaging that connects with your ideal audience.


    Getting the right people for a production can be a very frustrating experience if you’re not in the biz. Buzzbizz Creative helps you by using our vast network of actors and voice-over artists from the best of local and national talent pools.


    Location scouting is as essential to your production’s quality as the script and talent you choose. We have both a green-screen room and an uncanny ability to garner the best locations for your productions.

    Raving Fans