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Mixing and Mastering Audio Recordings

Multitrack mixing is an art no one can learn in a trade school. Mixing is how pristine recording sessions come alive. This is where your mixing engineer shapes, shifts, and adds sizzle to your songs, radio commercials, and jingles.

The final touch of every great mix is the mastering process. To properly master your tracks, our audio engineers have mastered the science of frequencies and their spatial relationships to create a full spectrum balance in your recording. Then audio is put through a multi-step procedure of dynamic processing. This method shapes the dynamics in small steps until the perfect feel is reached. Finally, we maximize the treatment to achieve the hottest signal before distortion that is possible for a solid and pleasant listening experience.

Regardless the origin of your recording, you can count on our award winning audio production engineer here at Buzzbizz to take your recording from bland to grand without killing your wallet.

audio recording using foley to mix and master


Foley is the reproduction of common sounds added to video in order to enhance audio quality. These sounds can include anything from the brushing of clothing synced with footsteps to squeaky doors.

Audio recording, mixing and mastering, audio production


Getting the right voice for a project can be a very frustrating experience if you’re not in the biz. Buzzbizz Creative helps you by using our vast network of voice talents from the best of local and national talent pools.

Buzzbizz creatives background music makes audio production the best in Alaska


What is in the background is as important as the foreground in many audio pieces. Creating the right space and feel is an art, and Buzzbizz Creative is the Bach of Foley and background music for your audio production.

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