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Every successful brand starts with a logo. Your logo is your mark; something you want your clients to identify you by. Your logo design should represent who you are, what you stand for, or what you provide the community. Our graphic design team takes pride in helping you make your mark. We have a proven 5-step process that guarantees predictable results in creating a unique logo for your company or organization. With our flat rate pricing for logos you have a stress-free experience ahead of you as you embark on creating your mark.

Five Steps to Successful Logo Design

The average American is barraged with over 5,000 advertising messages every day. To guarantee your satisfaction, Buzzbizz Creative (BBC) exercises five steps during the process of creating your design: Consult, Research, Design, Review, and Finalization. Once the process is complete, BBC delivers your fully functional design on a compact disc. We include multiple file types including PMS colors for print, embroidery, signs, silk screening, etc. In the end, you own exclusive rights to your new logo and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

logo design consultation

with you to discuss your intended image. We have formulated a questionnaire that will help identify creative aspects you are looking for in a logo such as color, feel, shape, etc.

logo design research

your industry and find trends in imagery and colors amongst your competitors. We look for concepts that haven’t been utilized before to give you a unique brand.

logo design step three

multiple concepts with possible variations in colors, fonts, etc. We believe in quality over quantity, so each design will be given thorough and intense attention.

logo design review

the different concepts with you and your team. If for any reason you don’t like any of the concepts presented, we go back a step for redesign. Otherwise, notes are made for the last step of the process.

the design and make each appropriate color variation for print and electronic usage, as well as any optional layout variations. Then we create a CD-ROM for your records and archive a copy in ours for future reference.


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