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Publications in this day and age come in two main forms: print and digital. The layout for each comes with their own opportunities. When taking on the challenge yourself, creating a new publication can be a daunting task. Using Buzzbizz Creative, on the other hand, can free up a tremendous amount of time leaving you to garner better stories, advertisers, and subscribers. Buzzbizz Creative has been working with publishers for over a decade and has created numerous publications. Whether starting new or revamping an established publication, count on our team to make it epic.


Details Make The Difference

The creation of a new publication, regardless of the content, is an arduous process that should never be taken on by the light hearted. Bring in a firm like Buzzbizz Creative that has experience working with both new and seasoned publishers. Whether you are starting a new trade magazine or looking to spice up an existing publication, we will help you get what you need to keep your readers coming back for more.

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Three Main Differentiators

AP Formatting

There is more to developing a publication than just opening up a publishing program and plugging text and pictures in. Utilizing the correct professional format for your particular needs can make the difference in attracting and engaging your target audience.

Editor’s Eye

Publishers are great at honing in on the next new idea or topic, but not always the best at seeing what will work in the design arena. BBC’s graphic designers have what we call an ‘editor’s eye’, which brings another level of attention to detail to your publication.


The ability to print your publication for you is a unique difference Buzzbizz Creative brings to the table. This capability gives you more options in your overall layout because we control the printing process and can adjust to fit your needs.

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